New Custom Homes
With Superior products and full devotion John Kling Custom Homes has become the premiere builder for large high-end constructions. We have built a legacy through the years by producing what the client wants and homes that surpass everyones expectations. We have built each home with new ideas and concepts that set us apart from the competition.
Exterior Custom Work
From all aspects of the home John Kling will meet your needs by providing custom structures and sufficient space to accomplish the demand of your furnishings and preferences. At John Kling Custom Homes planning is everything, and we work to make sure that your home presentation looks different in every way so that you can build upon making your home look unique from all others! From landscaping to swimming pools and down to the location of each individual brick we will finish your home with perfection and detail.
Interior Custom Work
With John Kling Custom Homes, your house guests will be awed by the magnificent and memorable appearance our work portrays to the visitor. The custom features and woodwork that we provide will have everyone using your home as a marquee to their desires! We work with you from the beginning to determine what and where certain features will be positioned so that your floor plan flows with how you spend your time in comfort, dining and with guests.
From cathedral ceilings to grand foyers John Kling Custom Homes will give you the living experience you have always dreamed of. We specialize in creating homes that are unique for large floor plans and when working with us you will realize that we pay full attention to the detail as our materials are the best quality anyone would find on the market. With each step towards completion, you will see your new home transition into a work of art to where a true living source in the end resembles the likes of a museum.



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